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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmer's Market Show / Frog painting stage two

A few brief comments about the Farmer's Market one-day show the Artist's League had last weekend:  We only planned on entering for one day; and for only four hours of having artwork on display, I question the effort-to-sales ratio.  However, it was a huge learning experience; and I have a new appreciation for the folks that make this a regular event every weekend.  Our crew of at least six, took an hour to set up the tent and display panels and hang the artwork - and although I didn't stay for the entire tear-down, I'm sure it took just as long.  In addition, the last couple of years, I've noticed sales for original art is way down to a few years ago - the "economy".  We did have sales on a few prints and several cards.  Three of my cards sold.  The Market takes 5%. 
I also wanted to post the next stage of the frog and flower painting.  I've started to lay in the flowers - still a long way to go.  I haven't worked in a yellow/orange range for quite a while and am finding it refreshing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting Stage One

Didn't manage to post last week due to illnesses and other obligations.  I did want to upload the first stage of the frog painting before I move on with it.  This stage is just a preliminary background which will likely have more done with it before I'm done.  I've used (Pebeo) Drawing Gum applied with a brush to block-out the frog and plant material.  That way I can just paint in background colors without worrying about going around all the detailed foreground items.  If you haven't used liquid masks before, the tip-of-the-day is to saturate your brush with liquid soap (like dish-washing soap) before you use the mask.  The brush cleans up so much easier and you don't end up ruining a lot of brushes.  I've also found it's best to do the masking stage - do the watercolor - dry it quickly with a hair-dryer - and get that masking fluid off the paper within a day or two.  If you leave it on for too long, it gets more difficult to remove. 
The Poulsbo Art League will have a booth this Saturday at the Farmer's Market - one day only.  There isn't much room, but I hope to have a few items there -- and I will be there bright and early to help set up.  Hope the weather is nice.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Painting Set-Up

Time to start a new piece of art.  I've had this photograph for half a year - meaning to do something with it.  

We had a guest speaker at art league meeting several weeks ago discussing using computer graphics programs to plan out paintings.  I've been using Photoshop to do just that for years.  In this painting, I wanted the frog larger to make him easier to see.  I cut him out with the polygon lasso tool and moved him to another layer.  Then I made him a bit larger - rotated him just a bit - and blended him back into the background. 

From there I did the pencil drawing.  I tend to make detailed pencil drawings before I watercolor. 

I like to work with my watercolor paper securely taped to a drawing board - so that will be the next step.  This one should be quite a challenge - putting a background in around all the detailed foliage.