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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

First work for 2020

I've tried another new thing.  I'm not going to great detail about the inspiration - just a brief overview.  There is a branch of physics called "Cymatics" - the study of how sound vibration effects the physical world.  One experiment involves exposing water to different vibrations (Hz) and photographing the results with a high speed camera.  If you do a Google image search you will find many gorgeous images at different Hz levels. 
My painting is based on water at 528Hz.  The actual image is:

 I painted it as a mandala.
"H2O@528Hz Mandala"

This is mostly iridescent pigment, so again, very difficult to photograph.  As you can see here - the same image, but the one on the left is in darker light and the one on the right is in bright light.