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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Paint Comparison

I've mentioned several times that I am using a lot of the (Golden) iridescent acrylics in my paintings lately.   And I've mentioned that they are a lot of fun because you can get some really cool effects -- but that they are very difficult to photograph.   I thought I would post a comparison shot - two versions of the same painting.   This is the latest work:  "Homage to Mucha" (18X24").   You can see how different the same painting looks under two different lighting conditions.  You can see this very obviously in the hair, but also in the top of the wing and the top petunia - also in the skin tone, which is done using iridescent gold mixed with burnt sienna.   Sometimes the skin looks gold - sometimes tanned.   This also makes it complicated when trying to make prints.   Maybe with a professional photographer...for a lot more money...