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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Up until now, I have always preferred to paint uplifting colorful artwork.  This piece is a departure.  I just had to find a way to channel my profound anger, disgust and sorrow over what is happening in my country.  So this work is not only for all the immigrant children but for all the children impacted by gun violence.
A few technical details:  I chose muted colors - a couple of blues, a dull green, black and white only.  There is iridescent pearl on the window panes and in the window reflections on the floor.  It shows up in the two different photos. 
This version in bright light from the right.

This one in light from the left.

This really IS the same painting.  Have I said before, I really like working with the iridescent acrylics?
Oh, and I coated the figure in matt varnish and the rest of the painting in gloss varnish.  It doesn't show up in the photographs; but I wanted the figure to have a flat appearance. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018


OK then...I really struggled with this one for a while - almost gave up.   The background sky was the problem.   It just wasn't looking like my reference image for the sky.   When I gave up trying to make it look exactly like the reference, things went a lot better.   You might recognize the child from two post down - the child in the blue panel of the Global Art Project artwork.   Also, when I first found that reference image for the child (from a royalty free site), I read it as being a little boy.   Since, about half the people who see it think it's a girl.   In a way, this is quite appropriate since the child is suppose to represent all children.