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Monday, October 24, 2011

Poulsbo City Hall Show

The art league show at City Hall went up a week ago.  I have three items on display.
Beach Creature


Gardener's Nemesis

The last one shown here is a slightly different from the one on display.  I did not get a chance to photograph that one before the hanging; so - this a recreation done in Photoshop.  I'm actually pretty happy with this version as well.  


Check out what you can make on Zazzle!  I water-colored an autumn leaf pattern; and they let you add that design to canvas shoes.  Here is the pattern:

And here is the first item I created:

I'm definitely going to experiment with this more - have lots of ideas.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Central Market Show

The Poulsbo Artist League show at Central Market is up!  Central Market is an "up-scale" market and local social gathering place.  We are displaying in their balcony lunch area.  Great exposure!  I have two pieces there: 
Earl Gray for Breakfast  

 and Mmmocha

The show will be up for three months.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October already!

Too many things going on in September...!
The arts fair mentioned in my last post went well.  The weather cooperated and there was a pretty good turn-out.  I have to state that we had the lowest amount in sales that I can remember in the last four years.  Sign of the financial times, I guess.
The Poulsbo Art League also had our yearly business meeting the last week in September.  It looks like three of the four officer positions are going to be filled with people who have done it before.  I was secretary for two years a couple of years ago - and it looks like I am doing it again, for at least another year.  Our group does not meet in December and, honestly, I could use the break.  Between health issues and other distractions, I haven't found time to paint for several weeks.
Hoping that improves.